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About CCTV system

Security camera systems work via closed-circuit television (CCTV). This CCTV differs from broadcast television because all of the components of the cameras and televisions are linked with cables or alternate direct means. CCTV can be viewed in real-time, and there is no need to broadcast a signal.

CCTV has been used extensively in the modern society, including airports, casinos, banks, and the streets. Cameras can be placed in inconspicuous or obvious places. There is usually a security room that has individual televisions that are directly connected to a specific security camera. CCTV is very good for crime detection and prosecution.
One draw back of security cameras is that many claim that they are an invasion of privacy. Another argument is that CCTV displaces crime instead of reducing it. CCTV has been accused of being an invasion of civil liberties.

Glossary & Definition

í˝board camera: fully functional board level camera without casing.
í˝board lens: 1/2" dia. miniature lens for board camera, miniature camera and bullet camera.
í˝body worn camera: portable covert camera such as button camera, pen camera, pager camera, with battery power for covert operation. a/k/a: portable camera
í˝bullet camera: cylindrical shape camera. available in pinhole bullet camera and outdoor bullet camera. a/k/a: lipstick camera.
í˝bullet proof camera: stainless hardened metal cased camera used to resist damage from gun shots.
í˝camcorder pinhole lens: pinhole lens attachment lens to most camcorders for self contained portable covert video
í˝camera enclosure: protective casing for various cameras. Comes in outdoor, indoor, corner mount, wall mount, ceiling mount etc. a/k/a: camera housing, environmental housing
í˝camera housing: see: camera enclosure
í˝camera server: see: web camera
í˝car backup system: see: car rear view system
í˝car rear view system: 12~24V DC, shack resistant monitor with a mirror image outdoor camera. a/k/a: car backup system
í˝CCD camera: (Charged Coupled Device) imaging camera with high resolution over 380 TV lines in B/W and 330 TV lines in color.
í˝CCTV camera: standard rectangular shape camera used for overt security. a/k/a: security camera.
í˝CCTV system: general term for a complete security system including camera(s), monitor, time lapse VCR etc.
í˝CCTV monitor: high resolution (400 ~ 900 TV lines) monitors for security cameras.
í˝CMOS camera: (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor) economical low resolution imaging camera (200 TV lines ~ 300 TV lines) w/ extremely low power consumption
í˝covert camera: hidden camera such as nanny camera, pinhole camera, pen camera, miniature camera etc.
í˝digital multiplexer: records image on to a hard disk or CD-ROM. multiple camera inputs. remote viewing available in some models. a/k/a: hard disk recorder, DVR also available in self contained unit w/o computer
í˝digital spy camera: compact still picture camera with memory, download capability to a computer
í˝dome camera: camera inside a vandal proof plastic dome casing with omni directional bracket.
í˝duplex multiplexer: multiplexer with independent viewing control without interfering with recording.
í˝day & night camera: Color camera producing full color under a normal lighting and B/W video under infrared illumination.
í˝DVR: Digital Video Recorder. A video recorder that stores video digitally on to its hard disk, no tape required.
í˝environmental housing: see: camera enclosure
í˝event recorder: VCR with a trigger input such as a motion detector (built-in to all time lapse VCR) a/k/a: event VCR
í˝event VCR: see: event recorder
í˝fast dome camera: dome camera with pan & tilt, zoom control
í˝fishing camera: battery powered underwater camera and monitor system w/ up to 100' depth capability.
í˝hard disk recorder: see: digital multiplexer
í˝hidden camera: general term for all covert cameras such as pinhole camera, miniature camera, nanny camera etc.
í˝infrared camera: b/w or dual mode camera with LED illuminators for night vision a/k/a: LED camera, night vision camera
í˝infrared illuminator: LED light source only visible to a b/w camera
í˝internet cam: see: web camera
í˝internet camera: see: web camera
í˝LCD monitor: Liquid Crystal Display flat monitor
í˝LED lamp: see: infrared illuminator
í˝lipstick camera: see: bullet camera
í˝mini camera: see: miniature camera
í˝miniature camera: compact size camera measuring 1" x 1" squire. a/k/a: mini camera, spy camera
í˝mirror image camera: camera use for vehicle backup viewing. Flips the image horizontally.
í˝monitor: see: CCTV monitor
í˝motion detector camera: camera with a motion detector that turns on or send record signal to a VCR upon motion. a/k/a: PIR camera, motion PIR camera
í˝motion PIR camera: see: motion detector camera
í˝multiplexer: multi camera video processor with split viewing function plus full screen playback for each cameras from recording.
í˝nanny camera: complete spy camera system hidden inside various housings such as alarm clock, lamp, plant etc..
í˝night vision camera: see: infrared camera
í˝observation system: see: CCTV system
í˝outdoor camera: fully air tight camera used for outdoor, all weather conditions. a/k/a: weather proof camera, water proof camera
í˝pager camera: body worn camera in pager housing
í˝pan & tilt zoom system: see: PTZ system
í˝pen camera: body worn camera in pen housing
í˝phone line transceiver: camera server with modem built-in, transmits video and audio signal over phone line w/o a computer
í˝pinhole bullet camera: bullet camera with pinhole lens
í˝pinhole camera: camera with pinhole lens
í˝pinhole lens: tinny camera lens that can see through a opening little as 1/8" dia.
í˝PIR camera: see: motion detector camera
í˝portable camera: see: body worn camera
í˝portable VCR: 12V battery operated compact VCR used with body worn cameras for covert operation.
í˝PTZ system: pan & tilt, zoom camera with controller. comes in indoor, outdoor or dome housing.
í˝quad processor: multiple camera processor that can combine cameras signals onto one monitor or a VCR by splitting the screen into 4 quadrants a/k/a: quad splitter
í˝quad splitter: see: quad processor
í˝security camera: see: CCTV camera
í˝security monitor: see: CCTV monitor
í˝spy camera: general term for cameras used in covert applications. a/k/a: miniature camera, covert camera, pinhole camera
í˝time lapse VCR: VCR with long recording capability up to 960 hours on single tape
í˝underwater camera: see: fishing camera
í˝vari-focal lens: lens that can zoom in and out manually
í˝video monitor: see: CCTV monitor
í˝video observation: see: CCTV system
í˝video surveillance system: see: CCTV system
í˝video transmitter: see: wireless transmitter
í˝water proof camera: see outdoor camera
í˝weather proof camera: see outdoor camera
í˝web cam: see: web camera
í˝webcam: see: web camera
í˝web camera server: see: web camera
í˝web camera: camera with a server that can transmit video signal via internet and other networks a/k/a: web cam, webcam, internet camera, internet cam, web camera server
í˝wireless camera: security camera with a wireless transmitter built-in
í˝wireless transmitter: connects to a camera for wireless video & audio signal transmission. Range: 300ft ~ 10 mile.
í˝wireless receiver: receives signal from a wireless transmitter. connects to a monitor or a VCR for recording.
í˝wireless video: see: wireless transmitter
í˝zoom camera: camera with a zoom lens

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